Safeguard your children with a Pool Safety Fence.
Protecting families across Europe & Beyond.

Patented Safety Features

Point-Lock Secure Latch Prevents Unlatching

Mesh pool fence safety is dependent upon the child's inability to open or remove the fence. Our patented Point-Lock Secure Latch is the most fool proof at preventing children from unlatching the mesh pool fence sections and gaining access to the pool. They are lockable, adjustable for fence tension, easier to use, and safer than all other latches. They represent a major safety advantage over the gate hook and dog leash type latches found on many mesh pool fences. They are also far easier to use than latches that require keyed padlocks or zip ties that must be cut off every time you want to access the pools.

Lock-in-Deck Feature Prevents Fence Post Removal

Opening a mesh pool fence can only be accomplished by unlatching the section latch and then lifting a fence post out of the patio. Our Point-Lock Latch prevents opening the section latch. To prevent a child from lifting a post out we offer our patented Lock-in-Deck feature. This is the only twist locking mechanism that actually locks our fence posts of our mesh pool fence into the patio preventing children from lifting them out. This completely prevents a child or baby sitter from lifting the fence posts out and gaining access to the pool. No tool is required for this feature making it simple to operate yet totally safe.